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Adding team members to CUX

Only the Organization Admin can invite team members to Organization and Projects. To see team member permissions, go to: Account Settings > Organization > Team members.

To add a team member to CUX:

  1. Go to Account Settings (left column on the dashboard).

  2. Select Organization.

  3. Go to Team members and click Send invitation.

  4. Then – if you are an Organization Admin – you’ll be able to type the e-mail address of a team member you want to add.

Once the invite is sent, the new team member will show up on your Organization’s team member list.

Note that if you want other team members to have access to your Organization, you'll need to send them an invite. If your co-worker creates an account on their own without an invitation, they will create a separate organization! Learn more about Account Structure.

Receiving an invitation to CUX:

If the admin of the organization in CUX adds you to co-create projects, an invitation will come to your inbox. All you need to do to join the organization is to click on the activation link.

What if my team member doesn’t receive the invite?

If your team member does not receive the invite in their inbox, have them check the following:

  1. Ensure that the invite wasn’t misrouted to a different folder (e.g. SPAM).

  2. If the recipient is your co-worker with a company e-mail account (e.g., have the company’s IT team allow any email messages coming from

Types of roles & access in CUX

  • Admin
    • supervision over the Organization and Projects,

    • adding and removing users,

    • adding and removing Projects,

    • managing and deleting subscriptions. 

  • User
    • handling Projects within the Organization.

Blocking IP Adrresses

Every seasoned analyst knows that there are many factors that can distort the data picture. One of them is selected IP addresses, e.g. of your team of developers who visit the site (and they are not potential customers!).

In CUX you can block data reception for selected IP addresses.

  1. Go to Settings > Blocked IP Addresses.

  2. At the top left, click “Add New”.

  3. Type or paste the IP address(es) that you want to block. Each IP address has to start from a new line.

To delete a blocked IP Address, simply click the button “Delete” next to the IP on the list.

Logging in/out

To log in into your CUX Account:

  1. Go to CUX Login Page.

  2. Sign in with your email credentials and password.

To log out of your CUX Account: 

  1. Open CUX app.
  2. Go to Account Settings > Logout

Password recovering

To recover your password:

  1. Go to CUX Login Page.

  2. Click “Forgot password? Reset”.

  3. Fill in the email associated with your account & hit “Submit”.

  4. Once you receive the recovery email, click the link. 

  5. Reset your old password and set up a new one.

You can also change your current password when using the CUX app

To do so:

  1. Go to Account Settings > Account

  2. Click “Manage”. 

  3. Click “Change password”.

Changing credentials

  1. There is no possibility to change the email address provided when creating an Account. 

  2. You can change your password in the Account Settings > Account > Manage tab.

  3. You can change the preferred form of contact with CUX in the Account Settings > Account tab.

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