CUX Certified Partner Program

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At CUX, we help entrepreneurs create user-centric digital experiences that drive business success. Our Certification Program offers agencies the opportunity to become trusted partners with the knowledge and skills to deliver effective solutions for a wide range of marketing challenges.

The Partner Certificate confirms that an agency has an innovative approach to analytics and can adapt to a rapidly changing world. Our goal is to support our partners in understanding their users, designing products and services that meet their needs, and implementing UX and Analytics Automation.

Elements of Partner Certification


Onboarding is an introduction to the essential tools and techniques needed to implement a successful Digital Experience Analytics. It consists of two parts, which together provide a holistic overview available to the entire

Marketing onboarding

  • 1.5-hour communication training. 
  • You will see proven methods and sales techniques to effectively argue for the introduction of advanced analytics to your customer's daily activities. 

  • Available to the entire company

Technical onboarding

  • 1.5-hour analytical training. 
  • You will learn how to use the tool, set analytics, work with Goals and Waterfalls, read heatmaps, and analyze Experience Metrics. 

  • Recommended to those who will be using the tool, available to the entire company.


Over the course of six 1.5-hour mentoring meetings, 2-3 employees from your agency will work on real projects under our guidance. You'll receive guided tool configuration and learn how to adapt it to your specific needs while working on up to two projects and analysing data from your actual customers.

As a result of mentoring, you will know how to:

  • Extract ready-to-use recommendations and insights reports for you and your clients.

  • Independently develop analytical strategies for clients from various industries

  • Interpret quantitative and qualitative data in the context of UX/CX/SXO

  • Conclude data-driven recommendations in order to translate it into a replicable and scalable process.


After the mentoring process is completed, you will receive a certificate which will be an official confirmation of the acquired skills:

  • Reading and drawing in-depth conclusions from recordings and heat maps

  • Properly analysing data regarding users' experiences and behaviours.

  • Building a functional analytical strategy based on qualitative data.

  • Optimising campaigns and Customer Journeys with the use of behavioural data.

  • Translating customer data into insights and build a product, its marketing and
    communication, or sales strategy based on them.

  • Finding so-called "quick wins"

Additional Materials 

After completing the program you will receive a package of CUX materials to be used in your own communication and needs. As part of the package you will receive:

  • A certificate confirming your belonging to CUX Certified Partners.

  • Presentations explaining the advantages of introducing CUX to the organisation (from your clients perspective).

  • Case studies for communication with clients/use during presentations and lectures attended by agency employees.

  • CUX logotype to be used in communication.

Agency Account

As a certified CUX partner, you'll gain access to an agency account that provides you with the following features:

  • Unlimited client accounts 

  • Enable client users to see and manage data

  • Unlimited Customer Project 

To learn more about the success stories of those who have trusted CUX, you can download our brochure. If you're interested in getting your agency certified, please contact our marketing team

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