Browser recommendations for CUX app

Modified on Mon, 05 Jun 2023 at 09:59 AM


Supported Browsers: User Visits 

To ensure the best performance and user experience, CUX supports a variety of modern browsers for recording visitor activity. 

For desktop, the following browsers are supported:

  • Chrome 30+
  • Firefox 27+

  • Edge 13+

  • Opera 23+

  • Safari 7.1+

For mobile, the following browsers are supported:

  • Mobile Safari iOS 9+

  • Mobile Chrome iOS 9+

  • Chrome and Firefox (latest version) on Android

When visitors use unsupported browsers, the CUX snippet does not start. This is to prevent any broken layouts in visit recordings. However, CUX can still record visits from built-in browser services like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Supported Browsers: CUX APP & Dashboard

CUX dashboard, heatmaps, visit player, and all other app features work in most current browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

For an optimum experience when viewing customer data, we recommend using a desktop browser to view the CUX dashboard. While the dashboard and most views are available on mobile browser were still perfecting the CUX dashboard mobile interface so desktop is the preferred viewing method. 

CUX and Browser Performance

The CUX snippet is designed with minimal impact on your page performance. It does not affect visitor browsers and ensures that your website remains fast and responsive. To demonstrate our commitment to transparency and provide you with peace of mind, we encourage you to run performance tests and review the results of our own tests.

We did our own speed tests to make sure that the CUX snippet doesn't slow down your website. And guess what? Our tests showed that the CUX snippet has little impact on website loading times and page size. That means your website will still load super-fast even with CUX!

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